New Diver Training

The learn to scuba certification course is a 3 part program. Classroom, pool, and open water work are all required to obtain certification. It is very common for students to start their training here and finish the certification dives on one of our group trips or at another dive facility in warmer water. Our course uses a flexible schedule and unlimited training to ensure a course structure that will work for anyone.

To sign up, simply visit us at East Coast Divers, purchase your student materials, and fill out the paper work. You may then complete the FREE on-line training. When the on-line training is finished, contact us to schedule your classroom and pool sessions following the list of dates below. Upon completion of your 2 classroom sessions and 6 units of pool skills, you will be ready for your open water dives.

Check out our warm water trips to finish your certification.

  • Classroom & Pool session info:

    All weekday classroom sessions start at 7:00pm and Sunday sessions start at 10:30am

    Classroom sessions run approximately 2.5 hours long

    Sunday pool sessions start at 5:45pm & 7:45pm

    Pool sessions run approximately 2 hours long

    Check out our Open Water training schedule below.

    We also offer Private Instruction – See Private Instruction tab

    POOL & CLASS COST: $450

    *All Students must also own fitted mask, fins and snorkel. Available at the store.

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  • If our typical schedule isn’t going to allow you to complete the program in enough time then private instruction may be for you!



    The private program has all the benefits of our regular program but is 100% conducted on your schedule. We can work with you in the pool on any of our regular pool times, or we can book private pool time just for you. If you need pool sessions that are not on the typical schedule then the additional pool time will cost $65 per hour. This pool rental fee is in addition to the private instruction fees listed below. (pool fees are accurate at the time of posting but may be subject to change)


    Since the classroom sessions are at the ECD location we have availability at any time of day. We can schedule your class at a time that’s convenient for you. This is included in the private instruction fee. 2 class sessions are necessary for the course and we highly recommend scheduling the class sessions on separate days. Not back to back on the same day, this allows you to get the most information retention from the program.

    Semi-Private instruction

    Our semi private instruction is for those who don’t require a full private program but just need 1 or 2 private sessions off of the regular schedule. The fee for 1 private class or pool session that averages 2 hours in length is $60 per session.


    1 person – $630.00

    2 people – $530.00

    3 people – $480.00

    4 people or more – $430.00

    All program fees include a $50 gift certificate to the store as a “Thank you” for signing up with us!

  • East Coast Divers has been teaching divers to dive dry since the first suits came out in the 70’s. This additional piece of equipment allows you to dive all year round, and even better, be warm while doing it! We are the only dive center in New England that takes advantage of our long history with dry suits and passes on the benefits to our open water students. Would you like to be warm no matter what the water temp? Would you prefer to finish your open water certification with the ability to dive a dry suit right out of the gate?

    Many people find that Drysuit diving all year long helps them really enjoy New England underwater.  The Drysuit Diving Course requires 1 class session, 2 pool sessions and using the drysuit during your open water dives. This class is set up to be taught upon request. The class session can be scheduled directly with ECD and the pool sessions are held on the usual pool schedule.

    COST: $250 (includes drysuit rental)

    $50 savings compared to doing the class after certification

Open Water

Next you will complete your open water dives to finish your certification.

There are two options available:




    The equipment rental fee for open water students over the weekend is
    $125.00 plus tax for wetsuit students
    $100.00 plus tax for drysuit students
    We will apply ANY student rental cost OFF of a Total Diving System purchase after certification!

    *(good for 4 weeks after dives)*

    The open water certification dives can be completed here. We run certification dives during the spring, summer, or fall, and now even the winter with our drysuit add-on. The open water dives can be anywhere from 4 to 6 dives that are usually spread between 2 days of training. Here at East Coast you will complete up to 5 scuba dives and a snorkel over 2 days to complete your certification.

    East Coast Divers believes in small numbers and high quality instruction. That’s why you will never have more than 4 people to an instructor, the maximum students per group will be 6 people and this would be with 2 dive professionals.

    The normal flow of events for certification dives occurs this way:

    – Call the store to set up fitting the New England Diving System.

    – If renting pick up the equipment on the Friday before the weekend of the dives.

    – Show up at the dive site, with all the gear, at the stated time for that weekend

    (This will be determined no more than 48 hours before the date due to weather.)

    – Three (3) dives will be conducted each day. One of which, on the first day, is a snorkel.

    – Return to East Coast Divers to fill tanks Saturday after the dives.

    – Show up at the dive site Sunday morning on time and ready to dive.

    – Conduct the final three open water dives of the certification course and log dives.

    – Go home and return the gear to the store on Monday.


    – C-cards can generally be printed in house so you can receive it right after your dives.

    Private instruction is also available

  • As with a lot of ECD programs, private instruction is available for those who can’t make our standard schedule. Private Open water training is available 7 days a week, entirely on your schedule. 6 dives need to be completed over the course of 2 days. The 2 days of training don’t necessarily have to be back to back or even in the same week. We are here to make your life easy and there is nothing easier than our private instruction options.

    Private Open Water Instruction Cost

    1 person – $350 per person
    2 people – $175 per person
    3 people – $150 per person
    4 people – $125 per person
    The equipment rental fee for open water students for the 2 days of training is
    $125.00 plus tax for wetsuit students
    $100.00 plus tax for drysuit students
    We will apply ANY student rental cost OFF of a Total Diving System purchase after certification!

    *(good for 4 weeks after dives)*

  • If you prefer warm clear water over local dives with feisty lobsters, you can finish your certification at another dive center in a tropical destination. All you need is a universal referral form available through the shop for a $45 fee. When you return from your trip we will provide you with your final certification card included in the fee. The cost of the dives will depend on the dive center performing the dives. We recommend scheduling your certification dives ahead of time to confirm they accept the referral program and have instructors available. If you have questions about setting up certification dives for your trip please contact our dive travel expert at Wayland travel.


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