Loblolly Cove, Rockport MA

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Loblolly cove sits just above pebble beach. This is one of the nicest dives and is prone to some of the best visibility in the area. The dive can reach depths in excess of 60 feet. There are cool walls and tons of sea life everywhere. You can do this dive from two different areas. Both are really cool in their own way though one entry point is far easier than the other.


High but low isn’t much worse.




North East


The dive at Loblolly can be done from 2 different entries. If you enter from the beach you will have a longer swim to the better part of the dive but it is still easier for some than walking over the rocks. This entry puts you in a better position to stay to the left and reach up to 60 feet and a nice wall. If you enter over the top you have a longer walk over an awkward rocky area. The advantage is it’s easy to stay to the right which is a very nice dive with large sand channels that are often filled with unique sea life.


Parking is difficult at Loblolly. First, do not try to park in the little dirt lot at the site, you will likely be ticketed. The best option for parking here is to park at pebble beach and walk or bring a bike. Only use the lot to load and unload the gear.