Front Beach, Rockport MA

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Front beach is a hidden gem of Cape Ann. Most people do this dive out into the sand or to the left towards back beach. Both those dive are horrible. Not much to see at all. If you do this dive to the right along the seawall there are some great things to see. The big disadvantage to this site is that it requires a bit of a surface swim to get to the good part of the dive. This dive site has arguably the nicest bathrooms for any shore dive in Cape Ann.


Low due to the shorter surface swim






The right side of front beach is a nice dive any time of day. The best place to start is at the flag just past the entrance to the marina about 10 yards off shore. As you move further from the wall it gets deeper down to 30 – 40 feet. From there you can follow the wall out until you’re ready to turn around. This is a nice easy dive that has some great rewards.


Parking is available at metered spots in front of the dive site. There are far fewer spot here than at front beach but it is not as popular of a spot either.